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Rheniumet Ltd

Rheniumet Ltd is a high-tech enterprise who specialize in research,production,processing and operation of rhenium and rhenium alloy materials,together with deep processing parts and terminal components of rhenium element base.

Changsha R&D Headquarters


Industrial manufacturing base

Rheniumet has the world's unique technology research center and laboratory which focus on rhenium element.It has achieved and integrated a number of key technologies to apply in rhenium industry chain.Due to the excellent technological development capability,Rheniumet has built two industrial manufacturing base plants,not only has the ability of extraction and separation rhenium from ore and smelting waste,but also has the capacity of manufacturing high purity rhenium metal and rhenium alloys materials and high precision parts for high-tech equipments,etc.

Rheniumet Ltd was established in 2009,located in Changsha,the capital of Hunan province which is famous of nonferrous metals in southern China.

Over the past few years, the company won many honors of science and technology from the government and trade association,such as "National high tech enterprise", "Integration of military and civilian industrial development projects", "Hunan province science and technology innovation research project undertaking organization", "Changsha technology little giant", "Changsha innovation ability of science and technology major projects" and so on.


The mainly creative staff of Rheniumet are young academic leaders,most of who have nearly twenty years experience and qualification in research and technical innovation of metallurgy and material science related fields. They plan to achieve nearly 50 patent technology in the next 3 to 5 years.

Through past few years of technical research and industrial practice, Rheniumet has already obtained the key technology of mass production of high purity rhenium metals and rhenium alloys.The company's industrial technology level and comprehensive competitive strength is not only in China but also in the world's leading position.

In 2017, Rheniumet established a new production line with annual capacity including 100 tons of 5N high pure ammonium perrhenate,70 tons of 5N grade ultra high pure rhenium metal for aviation and aerospace application,and 50 tons of rhenium alloys products.Without doubt,this new production line will become several of the world's most in Rhenium field,which may be the largest production capacity, the highest quality and the most advanced technology.

Rheniumet provide eight series and more than fifty varieties of rhenium products to the customers all over the world.The users are mainly in the fields of aviation, aerospace, military hardware, nuclear industry, catalyst, semiconductor and electronic.Besides,in other fields such as super anti fatigue and wear resistance materials which applied in high temperature condition, high temperature measurement, structure and function parts of high temperature equipment,special light source, special electrode,etc,Rheniumet accumulated rich application experience and customers resource.

Our goal is to create a rhenium industry Kingdom, so that more and more consumers can benefit from the use of rhenium!