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I. Technological Innovation
1. Scientific and Technology Projects
Project 1: separation and extraction technology research and development of above 99.999% high purity tungsten
The company developed a creative combination of exchange membrane filtration technology and ion exchange technology to achieve efficient and targeted separation of impurity elements in tungsten, increasing the tungsten purity to 99.999%. This company has made a zero breakthrough in the domestic technology, and what’s more, established a systematic process in high feasibility and a whole set of facilities and equipment, which are verified to be fully able to ensure that the system reliability and stability for preparing project products in the industrial scale after years of operation.

Project 2: research and development of low-potassium content, low-tungsten content and high-purity molybdenum (purity ≥99.9%)
This set of technical innovations include: a. self-designed multi-level loop-type ion-exchange column system;
b. self-produced high-purity reagents; c. a whole set of self-designed system including reduction furnace and loaded boat special for restoring high-purity molybdenum.

2. Intellectual Property
New method for recycling of tungsten-rhenium alloy scrap and waste (patent for invention)
Load boat for preparation of high-purity tungsten powder by hydrogen reduction (utility model)
A preparation method of rhenium alloy powder (patent for invention)
A preparation method of high-purity tungsten by ammonium cation ion resin exchange method
A tungstate solution filtration method by double filter membrane

3.Technological Improvement
3.1 Centrifugal atomizer transformation
Because of some problems, for example, the drier efficiency of centrifugal nebulizer is not high, the powder collection rate is low, and pipe insulation effect is not satisfactory, the heating part, piping and pipe insulation of nebulizer are improved one by one. The powder collection rate of transformed nebulizer is 99%, with energy consumption reduced by 26%.

3.2 Self-design of powder mixer
Currently, the powder mixers available are "V" type, "Z" type, drum type and belt blade stirring type, whose mixing effects are insufficient, such as poor mixing, applying only to dry mixing, poor sealing, incapable of vacuum mixing, and poor powder convective effect while mixing and so on. The company self-designed multi-purpose powder mixer can not only be used wet material mixing, powder drying, mixing of injection molding feed, but also achieve rapid mixer cooling, vacuum mixing and spraying mixing functions. Other features of this mixer are less cleaning corners, easy to clean, no material sticking on the wall, and mixing well.

4.Technical Literature
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