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Rhenium is closely related to the development of market demand and high-tech industries. As a strategic material, rhenium major consuming countries is the United States, Western Europe, Japan and other developed countries and the military power of Russia. In recent years, total annual world consumption reached 40t, and increasing year by year. Wherein due to the better economic situation in Europe, consumption increased rapidly, and its annual consumption by the 2-3t to almost 10t. US annual consumption of rhenium is maintained at 20-25t. Rhenium consumption in Japan, but also with the recovery of economic growth of about 2-3t / a scale, mainly for electronic materials such as automotive exhaust gas sensor Re-W wire, thin film electrodes and other integrated circuits. Russia's annual demand of about rhenium 5t.

Chile is the world's largest supplier of rhenium, which accounted for more than 60% of US imports of rhenium raw materials market; rhenium production in other countries are the United States, Russia, Germany, Kazakhstan, China and so on.

Due to the recent rapid increase in resource utilization technology, the amount of rhenium is recovered from spent catalysts showed steady growth, while the native production of rhenium also has expanded each year, although it is the world's yearly consumption of rhenium, rhenium but the price is still relatively stable.