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Since rhenium having various excellent properties described above, it has become an important material in many fields of use. In the metallurgical industry, rhenium as an alloy additive elements can be improved to improve the properties of the alloy. For example, pure tungsten, pure molybdenum and at lower temperatures the situation will become brittle as glass, difficult processing technology, and thus use is limited. But adding the right amount of tungsten or molybdenum rhenium-rhenium alloy made of tungsten or molybdenum-rhenium alloy, it has a good plasticity, it can be processed into a variety of structural materials, but also to maintain high hardness, high strength and high temperature and other characteristics. Many parts of the US manned spacecraft is to use this type of rhenium alloy. Add a small amount of chromium-nickel alloys rhenium, melting point and can greatly improve the strength of the alloy, this alloy made parts, its life may be extended several times to several times.

Rhenium is used as the main catalyst for the oil industry, and high-temperature alloys and superalloys additive elements, pure rhenium products for high temperature components under particularly harsh working atmosphere. Rhenium metal plating (such as space technology for tungsten surface plating rhenium) can increase wear and corrosion resistance. Rhenium wire plated or rhenium tungsten filament and the cathode tubes used in argon or nitrogen containing traces of moisture are more durable than tungsten. Rhenium has high temperature stability and strong anti-electrical erosion ability in electric arc, so rhenium-tungsten alloy can be used in work of electrical contact points, its performance can be compared with platinum, ruthenium products.

Rhenium has a high electron emission performance, widely used in radio, television and vacuum technology. Rhenium has a very high melting point, is a major instrument of high temperature materials, tungsten-rhenium thermocouples at 3100 ℃ do not soften. Rhenium, tungsten or molybdenum is added to form an alloy increases the ductility. Rhenium and rhenium alloys can be made tube elements and ultra-high temperature heater to vaporize the metal. Rhenium is used in rockets, missiles, high temperature coating, instruments and spacecraft with high temperature components such as heat shields, arc discharge, electrical contacts and so need rhenium.

Effects of rhenium - rhenium alloy
Rhenium is added a substantial increase in tungsten, molybdenum, chromium strength and plasticity, people called this "rhenium effect." Add a small amount (3% to 5%) of the tungsten rhenium enables the recrystallization starting temperature 300 ℃ ~ 500 ℃. Tungsten, rhenium and molybdenum-rhenium alloy has good high temperature strength and plasticity, can be processed into plates, sheets, wire, wire, rod, used in aerospace high temperature structural member (orifice, nozzle, heat shield, etc.), an elastic element, electronic components, etc., can also be used to make heating elements, parts, light bulbs, X-ray equipment and medical devices. W-Re-ThO2 alloy can be used as high-temperature heating of the workpiece, tungsten, rhenium and molybdenum-rhenium alloy contacts with high thermal conductivity and high-temperature corrosion, can improve the service life and reliability of power supply equipment. Such as: platinum-rhenium alloy; platinum-tungsten-rhenium alloy; tungsten-rhenium alloy; molybdenum rhenium alloy.
Rhenium expensive in the application use of rhenium-containing alloy, the most widely tungsten-rhenium and molybdenum-rhenium alloy use. Rhenium tungsten-rhenium alloy containing 1% to 26%, molybdenum-rhenium alloy containing rhenium content of 11% to 50%. There is also W-33.3Mo-33.3Re, Mo-Re-Hf-Zr, Mo-Re-Hf-V alloys, tungsten, rhenium and nickel radical pluralism superalloys, etc., after several alloys with high strength and high temperature performance, the key components used in aerospace equipment.

Whose electronic structure of rhenium unsaturated 4d layer 5 is easy to emit electrons, and the two layers 6s and ease of electrons involved in the action of forming a covalent bond, with its larger lattice parameters and other characteristics, the rhenium and compounds having excellent catalytic activity, as a catalyst for the petrochemical industry is one of its main uses conventional. Such as for oil reforming Pt-Re / Al2O3 catalyst, but with other inexpensive alternatives such as platinum - tin catalyst occurs, although its performance a bit weak, but rhenium application in this field is still reduced. In addition, the production of unleaded petrol and rhenium can be used as automobile exhaust purification catalyst; rhenium sulfide as cresol and lignin and other hydrogenation catalysts; NH4ReO4 / C is used as dehydrogenation of cyclohexane and ethanol dehydrogenation catalyst; KReO4 , / SiO2 is a series of hydrogenation catalyst; Re2O7 is to make the conversion of SO2 to SO3, and to make a good catalyst HNO2 conversion of HNO3.

Defense, aerospace industry
Rhenium is one of the hardest melting metal having a melting point up to 3180 ℃ ,, after the tungsten 3410 ℃. The rhenium and other metals can be prepared by a series of high temperature, corrosion, wear-resistant alloys, such as Re25-W was a space station nuclear reactor materials, was developed to better performance Re30-W-Mo30 alloy; Re-Pt with structural materials for nuclear reactors, high temperature resistant hot body download corrosion 1000 ℃, can also be radiation shield; Re-Mo alloy to 3000 ℃ still have high mechanical strength, can be used to manufacture supersonic aircraft and missile parts of high temperature and high strength and as a heat shield. Particularly for jet engine turbine blades and turbine thermal power machine material nickel-base superalloys containing rhenium successful development (rhenium 3% -7%, the melting point up to 3180 ℃ above) and used in fighter aircraft and firepower generators, the US, Western Europe, increase the amount of rhenium, rhenium also makes the sharp increase in world consumption. In recent years, the amount of rhenium alloys in terms of the amount of the catalyst has exceeded its terms, superalloys has become their most important applications.

Temperature, heating components and temperature measurement
Re3-W and Re25-W alloy wire thermocouple produced good linear relationship between temperature and thermal electromotive force, accurate temperature measurement, wide measuring range (0-2485 ℃). Thermal electromotive force reaches 1012mV, much higher than Pt-Rh / Pt (at 1900 ℃ when only 30mV) is high, use in a vacuum or inert gas medium can be temperature to 2700 ℃, and the price is cheaper than the Pt-Rh / Pt thermocouple . Re28-W / W thermocouple temperature to 2760 ℃, Mo-Re thermocouple temperature to 3000 ℃.
Heating element rhenium alloy production base than tungsten or molybdenum of 5-10 times longer life; working life under high temperature Re8-12-Ni-Cr than the Ni-Cr alloy heating element 9 times higher, and has a high temperature and normal outstanding advantages to work under pressure; Tim rhenium Rh-Ir Rh-Ir representing both increased strength and improved mechanical properties, used in aerospace and missiles. Rhenium based alloys can also be produced at high temperatures without deformation both sensitive spring for high temperature measurement instruments are necessary. Rhenium as the absorption of solar energy in the photosensitizing dye solar cells has broad application prospects.

electronic industry
Rhenium alloy or coating material with tungsten, molybdenum, or platinum group consisting of, because of its high melting point, resistance, good magnetic intensity and environmental stability and is widely used in the electronics industry. 3% -20% Re-doped tungsten or tungsten wire coating H4ReO4, neither as brittle as tungsten, but also improve their elongation and resistance, with high shock and vibration performance, so in vacuum technology and electronics or filament vibration-prone places shows its important uses such as X- ray target, flash, sonographer, high vacuum quick start measuring voltage parts, aircraft rhenium tungsten filament bulbs, color TV with heaters. Re-Pt, Re-Ag, Re-Cu, Re-Cu-Zr, etc. have been substituted for platinum in Electrical switches, key, and an arc current cut-discharge shielding member or the contact elements, having the advantage of reliable and durable. Molybdenum and Rhenium cermet anode practical application. In recent years, one kind of rhenium-based composite material as a base material is applied to the emitter of ultra-high temperature, the thermal electron discharge effect increased by 20%, the current density increases, improving the heat discharge performance.

Coating and welding materials
The use of a high melting point and rhenium Premium corrosion wear characteristics as coatings, such as rhenium-coated metal wire, sheet or tube, the compound can achieve anti-acid, alkali, seawater or sulfur etching purposes, it is used for Re-NiRe-Mo or R-W is used as instrument components, engines and rocket warheads coating; marine and chemical sectors.
Adding to Re W or Mo alloy, both to increase its strength, but also to improve its plasticity and weldability, can be used as electrode welding device with a W or Mo.

Other uses
Medical radioactive rhenium - amino acid compounds to treat cancer, KReO4 can be used for preparing color photographic film sensitizing agent.