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Notice of Change of Company Name Description

Date:2015-08-23 17:53

Dear customers and partners:
Thank you for your continued dedication to the development of our company support and deep understanding of the company due to business development needs, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce review, since August 24, 2015, our company name from the long Shaou Tai rare metals Ltd. was changed to Hunan rhenium industrial Technology Limited. After the company changed its name, contact details change, the main business and legal relations unchanged, the original contract signed remain in force, the existing business relationships and service commitments remain unchanged.
Company name change due to the inconvenience, we apologize! In the future we will, as always, and you keep good relations of cooperation, and hope to continue to receive your support and love!

Hunan rhenium Industrial Co., Ltd.
August 23, 2015

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