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Carpenter superalloy powder into the aerospace market

Date:2015-09-16 15:16

Carpenter Technology reported that they had a new alloy powder plant in Alabama will soon be operational, and this is part of them and United Technologies Corporation (UTC) Pratt & Whitney division agreement. UTC and the agreement was signed in October 2013, stipulates that once the quality of products to meet the requirements, the company will continue as a carpenter Pratt & Whitney to provide superalloy powder in 20 years.

"We are very pleased to be able to produce to meet the needs of the aerospace high-temperature alloy powder, which is directly related to the engine manufacturer's ability to develop a better, more fuel-efficient engines," Carpenter, chairman, president and CEO Gregory A. Pratt said, "carpenter also optimistic that in other major markets we serve demand for alloy powders will begin to grow."

As part of the agreement, UTC's aerospace business unit (Pratt & Whitney, Pratt & Whitney Canada, United Technologies Aerospace Systems and Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation) has agreed to buy a carpenter's steel rods / billets, nickel alloy billets, stainless steel rod sheet / blank, and with laminate products for a period of ten years. Nickel currently Carpenter is UTC's aerospace business provided with stainless steel and laminate products to meet part of their needs.

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