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Aeroengine rhenium single crystal blades is expected to exceed

Date:2015-05-27 17:53

NBD News: Driven by huge investment and the development of advanced systems, the aero-engine rhenium single crystal blades is expected to lead a breakthrough.

Ping An Securities Research reported that "two special machine" will invest heavily in the short term: the development of aviation, power first. US aviation engine research and development costs (including development and improvement of the model, modifications) accounted for about 25% of the entire aviation industry R & D expenditures.

Which does not pre-research for a particular type of engine costs about 35% of total R & D expenses. Pratt & Whitney for the F-35 fighter developed the F135 invested a total of $ 8.4 billion. Disclosure of expected upcoming "two special machine" (National Aeronautics and gas engine technology major projects) the scale of investment is expected to reach 100 billion yuan, the period may be shortened to less than 10 years, a substantial increase in investment intensity. According to Reuters, the next 20 years time, China will eventually invest up to $ 300 billion in the engine field. Visible, China has invested funds can maintain the performance of a variety of advanced jet engines and large turbofan engine development work at the same time.

Create a new system, emphasizing the core independent development machine: US aero-engine "trilogy": pre-research project, program core engine, the engine series. Referring to the US IHPTET Plan ( "Integrated High Performance Turbine Engine Technology Plan"), is expected to "two special machine" will focus on the core machine independent research, to strengthen pre-research, product serialization requirements put forward to achieve major changes in engine production methods. As a result, different aircraft can be equipped with a standardized series of core machine, to overturn the conventional engine model to catch up with the old model airplane model. It is also conducive to mass production manufacturers to save costs, reduce the maintenance difficulty, increase the matching rate.

Mobilize all forces, single crystal turbine blade is expected to lead a breakthrough. It expects "two special machine" first increase in investment on the turbine blade material support, but not rigidly adhere to a traditional system of military enterprise, may support a wide range of types of market players including civil science and technology enterprises and private enterprises, including the goal is to achieve localization of single crystal blades. Aeroengine progress depends primarily on its thrust to weight ratio index, the key is the blade material bearing temperature capability. Turbine inlet temperature is increased by 100, aero-engine thrust-weight ratio can be increased by about 10%. 1965 --1985, the turbine inlet temperature annual average of 15, wherein the material contribution is around 7. US IHPTET implement the plan, 70% -80% from the material improvements. In addition, 50% of the cost of aviation engine components are also from the material itself. Currently, almost all foreign advanced aero engines have adopted the main three generations of a single crystal superalloy materials containing 5% rhenium as a turbine blade. Aero-engine turbine blades the average life expectancy of 10 years, the peak of the upcoming second substitution third generation single crystal blades, monolithic rhenium consumption will double. Single engine blade does not consider changes in the number, rhenium demand for international civil aviation engine market in 2017 than in 2011 grew 211 percent compound annual growth rate of 16%.

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