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Rhenium target
Rhenium target for magnetron sputtering target material deposition, magnetron sputtering deposition is a new kind of physical gas phase deposition (PVD), compared to the way of evaporation coating, it has quite obvious advantages in many aspects, as a has developed to a mature technology, magnetron sputtering has been applied in many fields, such as in the semiconductor integrated circuit, solar photovoltaic, recording medium, graphic display, and has been widely applied in such aspects as the surface coating.
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High purity rhenium powder
Re-4N grade ≥99.99%
Used as rhenium element standard sample; As an additive for superalloys; Raw material for various rhenium parts.
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Molybdenum rhenium tube
Mo-Re alloy is Molybdenum Alloyed with 41% or 47.5% of Rhenium(nominal content of Rhenium is 50%), which has good ductility, weld ability, formability and strength. Mo-Re alloy keeps high ductile even after used in high temperature.  Mo-Re alloy are widely used for electronics, nuclear and aerospace applications.
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Rhenium Pellet / Ingot
Application: Used as an additive for manufacturing superalloys.
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Tungsten-rhenium friction stir head for friction stir welding
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High-end cemented carbide mixture powder - tungsten carbide - cobalt doped (rhenium, ruthenium, vanadium, chromium) mixture powder
Rheniumet according to the terminal application demands and customer technical requirements, customized for clients of various components of tungsten carbide cobalt - department of doping (rhenium, ruthenium, vanadium, chromium), high temperature resistant cemented carbide powder mixture used in cemented carbide industry manufacturers processing with high temperature, high strength, high rigid, fine-grain features high-end cemented carbide products
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Rhenium cobalt powder - high end cemented carbide (or high temperature cemented carbide)
Due to its advantages of high strength, high hardness, high elastic modulus, high wear resistance and low thermal expansion coefficient, cemented carbide has been widely used in machinery manufacturing, metal processing, oil drilling, mining and other industrial fields.
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Rhenium-doped molybdenum powder (molybdenum-rhenium alloy powder)
Molybdenum-rhenium alloy is a solid solution alloy with excellent high temperature strength and creep resistance. Rhenium forms β solid solution in molybdenum with a maximum solubility of 53% (rhenium atom) at 2250℃.
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Rhenium-doped tungsten powder (tungsten-rhenium alloy powder)
Rhenium-doped tungsten powder is an alloy with tungsten as matrix and different contents of rhenium added.  Tungsten and rhenium are refractory metals. A proper amount of rhenium dissolved in tungsten can form solid solution alloys. Under the "rhenium effect", the tungsten-rhenium alloy has higher plasticity, higher recrystallization temperature, better creep resistance at high temperature, higher thermoelectric potential and higher resistivity than pure tungsten.  
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Tungsten rhenium target
we use method of solid-liquid mixture to improve the uniformity of rhenium, at the same time by multiple forging and annealing improve density and improve the organization, improve the using performance and life of the anode target.
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Nano rhenium powder
Particle size: FSSS 1- 100nm, can be customized according to customer requirements.
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Ammonium Perrhenate
Used for manufacturing platinum rhenium reforming catalysts in petrochemical industry, and pure rhenium metal powder or as an element addition in rhenium alloys. Used as a raw material for other rhenium compounds or composite material.5N ultra high purity ammonium perrhenate can be used for standard solution of rhenium.
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Rhenium bars/rods
Square bar (12-16) * (12-16) * (150-500) mm; Round bar D (10-20) *L (50-300) mm. Can be customized as per requirement.
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Rhenium Foil / Ribbon
Size: T(0.04-0.1)*W(0.5-80)mm, It can be customized as per requirement.
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Spherical rhenium powder
Particle size: FSSS 0-20μm, 15-45μm, 15-53μm, 53-105μm, 53-150μm, 105-250μm ,Standard: YS/T 1017-2015
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