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Ammonium Perrhenate
Used for manufacturing platinum rhenium reforming catalysts in petrochemical industry, and pure rhenium metal powder or as an element addition in rhenium alloys. Used as a raw material for other rhenium compounds or composite material.5N ultra high purity ammonium perrhenate can be used for standard solution of rhenium.
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Rhenium Heptoxide
Yellow crystal granule
Re2O7≥99.99% Re≥76.87% , impurities <100ppm
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Perrhenic Acid
Colorless transparent liquid
 Used for making rhenium compound and Pt/Re bimetallic reforming catalysts.
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White crystal granule
Application: A highly efficient and selective organic catalyst of transition metals; Mainly used for medicine and pharmaceutical intermediates, oxidation-catalytic reaction and correlated reactions in organic chemistry.
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