Material solutions in the aerospace industry
Rheniumet, has excellent mechanical properties even at high temperatures of 2000 ℃ due to its alloy pure rhenium or rhenium-based superalloys, so it is used in the fields of aviation, aerospace, and space science for high temperature and high strength in thermodynamic drive devices. Almost all parts have rhenium. The thrust-to-weight ratio of aero-engines continues to increase, and the technical performance requirements for engine turbine blade materials are also continuously improved.
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Material solutions for nuclear energy, nuclear power, and nuclear industry

1. Reactor core container and cladding pipe fittings

2. Radiation shielding device components

3. Liquid metal heat exchanger components

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Alloy addition solution
Rheniumet provides high-purity elemental metals or master alloys with purity ranging from 99.9% to 99.9999% (3N~6N) to major alloy manufacturing industries. As alloy additives, its chemical purity is the key to ensuring the accuracy of alloy composition and improving the yield rate. factor. Therefore, based on the same national standard or industry standard, Rheniumet through the combined application of wet purification and fire refining technology, as well as more accurate high-purity metal detection methods, can always ensure that its products are far beyond the national standard and the industry standard. Quality and performance.
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Semiconductor equipment MOCVD thermal field solution
Metal Organic Chemical Vapor Deposition (MOCVD) is a chip epitaxial technology for preparing mixed semiconductor devices, metal and metal oxide and metal nitride film materials. The heating system is an important part of the MOCVD equipment. Whether it can heat the substrate quickly and uniformly directly affects the quality of film deposition, thickness consistency, and chip performance. The rhenium alloy under Rheniumet has 10 years of professional production technology experience in the production of rhenium heaters for MOCVD and a complete quality control management system. It is a substitute for imported big-name or original parts of rhenium heaters for MOCVD and can carry out OEM full-process foundry. It is the number one domestic manufacturer with the most technical development strength and quality assurance ability.
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Friction stir welding solutions
The joints obtained by welding magnesium, aluminum, copper, titanium alloys or heavy steel by traditional fusion welding methods have defects such as pores and microcracks, and the heat-affected zone is wide and the deformation is large, which limits the welding structure and restricts the weldment in related fields. Wide range of applications. Friction stir welding (Friction stir welding, FSW) as a new type of solid phase welding technology can effectively solve this problem. Friction stir welding does not require filler metal, the welding heat affected zone is small, the joint deformation is small, and the welding process is free of smoke and dust pollution.
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Tooling solutions for harsh working conditions such as high hardness, super hardness, wear resistance, impact resistance, ablation resistance, high torque, high transmission, etc.
The industry generally refers to materials with a Vickers hardness HV of 10~40GPa as high-hard materials, generally represented by metal-based or ceramic-based composite materials, such as cemented carbide, silicon carbide, corundum (alumina), etc.; Vickers hardness HV Those larger than 40GPa are called superhard materials, which mainly refer to diamond and cubic boron nitride. Challenging and severe working conditions require materials to meet the conditions of high hardness and wear resistance, as well as harsh requirements such as ultra-high temperature, high strength, impact resistance, high transmission, and large torque.
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About us

Hunan Rhenium Rhenium Alloy Material Co., Ltd.

It is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the research and manufacture of rare high melting point metal "rhenium" and "rhenium alloy" materials

Rhenium owns a rhenium technology research center and laboratory that integrates a number of breakthrough key technologies in the entire industry chain of rhenium, and has two major industrial manufacturing bases, namely the extraction and separation and intensive processing of rhenium. Large-scale industrial production capacity for advanced extraction...

patented technology
Annual production of 5N grade high-purity ammonium rhenate


2022 -11

Rhenium (Re) and its compounds have excellent catalytic activity (Re has a highly selective catalytic function for many chemical reactions), so it is often used as a catalyst in petrochemical and other fields. Catalytic reforming is one of the petroleum refining processes and an important means to improve the quality of gasoline and produce petrochemical raw materials. As a catalyst in catalytic reforming process, Re - Pt alloy can increase the depth of reforming reaction and increase the yield of gasoline, aromatic hydrocarbons and hydrogen. In addition, rhenium can also be used as a catalyst for automobile exhaust purification, and rhenium sulfide can be used as a hydrogenation catalyst for cresol, lignin, etc. The following lists the application of several rhenium metal catalysts.


2022 -10

Darpa and Elementum 3D Printing have signed a new contract to fund research into rhenium as a 3D printing material. The aim is to use rhenium as a material, rather than just as an alloy, which currently contains about 6 per cent rhenium.


2022 -10

Microcracks often appear on the grain interface of pure tungsten metal, and the propagation of these microcracks is an important reason for the fracture of tungsten. Twinning is easy to form in the deformation process of W-rhenium alloy, which reduces the dislocation energy of stacking layer, reduces the grain boundary impedance of dislocation movement, and leads to the increase of dislocation mobility and the softening of tungsten solution. This phenomenon is called the rhenium effect.


2022 -04

Rheniumet Ltd has more than ten years of experience in the application and development of alloy trace addition, and provides rare, scattered and rare precious metal element addition solutions for various alloy manufacturing enterprises. According to the difficulties encountered in milling, cutting and drilling of high-temperature alloys, refractory metals and other parts and components reported by many users in recent years, Rheniumet has finally successfully developed after five years of joint research and development tests with leading domestic enterprises. In order to add ruthenium, rhenium, osmium and other elemental high-purity ultrafine powders specially used to add to the base material of such special cemented carbide tools, or Co-Ru, Re, Os binary and ternary pre-alloyed mixed powders, we also warmly welcome all major High-performance alloy tool manufacturing enterprises and our company jointly develop various special customized tool material grades.


2022 -02

Hunan Rheniumet  Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the research and manufacture of rare and high melting point metal "rhenium" and "rhenium alloy" materials.  Rhenium company has many years of research experience in tungsten rhenium alloy, the production of 3 grades of mixing head materials have been applied in various fields, can also be customized according to customer needs of new alloy grades.  
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